Mrs. D’s Fish Bowl


If you are wondering why I call my blog site Mrs. D’s Fish Bowl it is because I sit up front and everything swirls around me and everyone can see me all the time. Thus, I feel like I am in a fish bowl! I love my job at White Oak Intermediate though and wouldn’t trade it for more money! Our students and parents are the best and you can’t beat the quality of teachers that we have. I come back to work on the first Monday in August and will be ready to get after it. See you soon!

3 thoughts on “Mrs. D’s Fish Bowl

  1. I love your blog!! The cats are so cute. I just wanted you to know it means a lot seeing your smiling face everyday. You’re the sweetest “fishy” I know.

  2. You always have a smile on your face! We are very LUCKY to have someone as wonderful as you in the office. You are a Super Star!

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